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WordPress Ultimate Member Plugin Vulnerability Can Lead to Three Severe Exploits

The Threat Intelligence team from Wordfence discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Ultimate Member, a WordPress plugin installed on over 100,000 sites. Wordfence stated that the...

700,000 WordPress Users are at Risk Due to a Plugin Flaw

Millions of WordPress sites are at cyber risk after researchers discovered a zero-day vulnerability in WordPress’s File Manager plugin. The threat intelligence team from...

Now Patched! Vulnerabilities in Newsletter Plugin Affect Over 300,000 Sites

The threat intelligence team from cybersecurity firm Wordfence, urged users of WordPress sites to update their installations to defend against threat actors who are...

Cybercriminals Tried to Access Database Logins of 1.3 Mn WordPress Sites

Cybercriminals targeted around 1.3 million WordPress websites in a single day to steal database login credentials. It is found that hackers tried to steal...

Attackers Target 900,000 WordPress Sites in a Week

Threat actors tried to hack nearly one million WordPress sites in the last week, according to a security alert issued by cybersecurity firm Wordfence....