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CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Mitigate Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities

The threat of unpatched vulnerabilities is one of the pressing security issues for organizations worldwide. Despite necessary cybersecurity initiatives, threat actors continue to exploit...

Is Your Website Hackable? Here Is How to Find Out

There are nearly two billion websites on the Internet. Security flaws in many of them are fertile soil for easy takeover. Analysts claim that...

Patch Now! Researchers Find Zero-Day Flaws in Google and Microsoft

The risks from cybercriminals exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities have become a continuous threat for organizations, globally. Recently, security experts from Kaspersky found a zero-day vulnerability...

Update Your Chrome Browser to Patch High-severity Zero-day Vulnerability

For a third time this year, Google released security updates to fix a zero-day vulnerability in its Chrome browser, which is being exploited in...

iOS Call Recording App Allowed Snooping-in on Users Conversations

Researchers found a security vulnerability in the iOS call recording app “Automatic call recorder” that gave access to the conversations of thousands of app...

Google Fixes Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Android

Cybercriminals are always stalking unpatched vulnerabilities which can be exploited to penetrate targeted systems. Several popular products and services suffered cyberattacks due to unpatched...

Unpatched Vulnerability in WordPress Plugin Affects 50,000 Sites

Threat intelligence team from security firm Wordfence discovered a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) to Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Contact Form 7 Style, a...

Fortinet Fixes Four Critical Vulnerabilities in FortiWeb

Fortinet, a cybersecurity solutions provider, has addressed four critical vulnerabilities in its FortiWeb web application firewalls. Tracked as CVE-2020-29015, CVE-2020-29016, CVE-2020-29019, and CVE-2020-29018, the vulnerabilities were discovered...

Cisco Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities in its SD-WAN Products

Networking and hardware company Cisco asked its users to update their networking software immediately, citing critical security vulnerabilities in its products, including software-defined networking...

Vulnerabilities in PAN-OS Could Compromise Internal Networks

Security researchers Mikhail Klyuchnikov and Nikita Abramov from Positive Technologies uncovered four severe vulnerabilities in Palo Alto Networks’ PAN-OS, a software that runs on...