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Spam Attacks: How Not to Get Hooked On Phishing Mails

As more criminals turn to online scams to steal your confidential data, phishing prevention has become critical. We now know what spam emails are...

How Cybercriminals Use Phishing Kits

Cybercriminals are creating new phishing strategies and malware variants to make their attacks more intense and successful. They even rely on phishing kits, which...

Phishers Leverage Bait Attacks to Harvest Personal Data

Adversaries constantly look for new techniques to make their phishing attacks more effective; bait attacks are one of those techniques. Most phishers leverage bait attacks to...

The Importance of Team Diversity in Detecting Phishing Scams

An email subject line catches a user’s interest. The user clicks through and gets compromised. This is a classic phishing attack; it remains one...

This is How Credential Phishing is Used to Compromise Email Accounts

Despite stricter regulations over data protection globally, protecting user data has become increasingly essential. Ever wondered what happens to compromised accounts, how your leaked...

Snip3: A New Crypter-as-a-Service that Deploys Multiple RATs

Microsoft discovered a spear-phishing campaign in the wild targeting airline, cargo, and travel industries with multiple Remote Access Trojans (RATs). The technology giant stated...

Most Phishing Emails Originate from Eastern Europe: Barracuda

Phishing attacks remain a severe threat to small and large organizations globally. It is the most common and popular technique for cybercriminals to pilfer...

Employee Negligence Leads to Phishing Attack on California’s SCO

Sometimes, a single negligent act of an employee can put an organization’s critical information at stake. Despite organizations becoming cyber smart to cope with...

Operation Diànxùn: Chinese Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting 5G Operators

Cybersecurity experts discovered a cyber espionage campaign targeting telecom operators globally to steal sensitive information. According to McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team, the...

Is Google reCAPTCHA Really Secure?

Several cybersecurity experts have reported an increase in phishing attacks using Google’s reCAPTCHA feature to hide malware and escape security detections. A research team from Zscaler recently discovered a...