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Microsoft Finds New Malware Targeting Organizations in Ukraine

Microsoft’s security experts identified a novel malware campaign targeting several IT, non-profit, and government organizations based in Ukraine. Tracked as WhisperGate, the activities of...

Researchers Uncover Vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Azure App

Security experts disclosed a critical vulnerability in Microsoft's Azure App Service that could expose the source code of users’ applications written in Java, Node,...

Microsoft Fixes 6 Zero-day Flaws in December 2021 Patch Tuesday Update

Microsoft released patches for 67 CVEs in its latest December 2021 Patch Tuesday update. Out of 67 vulnerabilities, 60 were deemed important, and seven...

Microsoft Disrupts Chinese Threat Actor Group Nickel

Microsoft announced that it had disrupted the operations of a Chinese cyberespionage group targeting organizations in the U.S. and 28 other countries. Tracked as...

Microsoft Identifies Six Iranian State Actor Groups Deploying Ransomware

It’s not just stealing confidential data. Cybercriminal activities from state-sponsored actors have evolved, targeting critical infrastructures and demanding ransom from high-net-worth companies. Various threat...

Microsoft November 2021 Patch Tuesday Addresses 55 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released patches for over 55 security vulnerabilities in its latest November 2021 Patch Tuesday update. Six of these vulnerabilities are rated as...

Microsoft is Attackers’ Favorite for Brand Phishing Attacks

Technology giant Microsoft continues to be the favorite brand of cybercriminals for phishing attacks. According to Check Point’s Brand Phishing Report for Q3 2021,...

Microsoft Exposes Iran-linked APT Targeting U.S., Israeli Defense Tech Sectors

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre (MSTIC) observed DEV-0343, a new activity cluster, conducting extensive password spraying against more than 250 Office 365 tenants, with a...

Microsoft September 2021 Patch Tuesday: Mitigations and Workarounds

Microsoft released fixes for 60 security vulnerabilities in its latest September 2021 Patch Tuesday update. Out of 60 vulnerabilities, 56 were determined as important,...

Zero-day Vulnerability in Windows MSHTML Exploited

An unpatched Windows 10 vulnerability has been exploited once again and the bounty shared on hacking forums. A security advisory from Redmond shares that...