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“Incident Response professionals are working in a high-paced and stressful environment”

At the beginning of 2021, when the cybersecurity community was reeling from the aftereffects of the SolarWinds supply chain attack, a new ransomware strain...

GriftHorse Android Trojan Scam Purloins Over 10 Million Euros

Zimperium zLabs recently discovered a global scam where the threat actors posing as Trojans have hidden behind malicious Android applications and stolen millions of...

This Device Simplifies Password Management and Protects User Credentials

With a mission to provide cybersecurity to individuals to safeguard themselves from threat actors, a Pune-based (Maharashtra, India) cybersecurity enthusiast came up with a...

New Cyber Campaign “Armor Piercer” Targets Indian Government Officials

Cyberattacks and malicious campaigns are becoming rampant, with new cybercriminal operations being reported more often in the security landscape. Recently, security experts from Cisco...

Russian Turla APT Group Uses New Backdoor for Attacks

A new backdoor used by the Russian Turla APT group to keep the attacks live has been discovered, which has been reported to be...

Numando Banking Trojan Abuses YouTube, Pastebin and other Public Platforms

ESET Research spotted a banking Trojan Numando, as part of a series on Malware in Latin America. Numando, like its other malware families, uses...

Indian Organizations Among Most Targeted for Ransomware; Most Pay Ransom

Most news on ransomware attacks is about U.S. organizations. We hear little about ransomware attacks in India, as few organizations report it. That’s not...

After FIN8, Researchers Warn About FIN7 Hackers Exploiting Windows Docs

Attack vectors range from malicious attachments to weaponized PDFs.  These vectors have been continually evolving over the years. Recently, security experts from Anomali uncovered...

The Importance of Team Diversity in Detecting Phishing Scams

An email subject line catches a user’s interest. The user clicks through and gets compromised. This is a classic phishing attack; it remains one...

Phishing Alert! XSS Vulnerability in UPS.com Distributes Malicious Invoice

Phishing is one of the most popular social engineering techniques cybercriminals use to distribute malware and steal personal information. As per recent reports, fraudsters...