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Researchers Find New Web Skimmer Campaign Targeted Over 100 Sites

Supply chain attacks can devastate organizations’ critical infrastructures as one single weak link can enable threat actors to victimize the entire network. Recently, security...

Process Ghosting: A New Executable Image Tampering Technique in the Wild

In addition to advancing hacking strategies, cybercriminals often try different tactics to evade security detections. In one such tactic discovered recently, security researchers from...

LogoKit Phishing Kit Found Running on 700 Unique Domains

Threat actors are investing more in phishing kits to simplify and expand their phishing activities. Cybercriminals are developing new phishing strategies and exploring different...

SilentFade Social Media Malware Campaign Resurfaces; Indian Users Most Targeted

Security experts from Kaspersky found a 2016 social media malware campaign resurfacing, targeting millions of users across the world. This sophisticated social media malware...

Data Security Alert! American Payroll Association Suffers Web Skimming Attack

The American Payroll Association (APA) disclosed it was a victim of a data breach on July 13, 2020, which affected its employees and customers’...

Notarization Fail! Apple Inadvertently Approves Malware on Macs

Apple is known for its tight security measures to prevent malicious software from landing in its app store. However, security researchers found that Apple's...

Researchers Find Vulnerabilities in Autodesk, Trend Micro, Kaspersky Software

Researchers from the security firm SafeBreach Labs recently disclosed multiple security vulnerabilities in Autodesk, Trend Micro, and Kaspersky software. The company published three different...