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Louisiana Governor Calls for Cyberthreat Readiness

The State of Louisiana took a huge hit in the past year with a large volume of cyberattacks recorded since July 2019, including Louisiana’s...

U.S. Senators Introduce an Act to Safeguard K-12 Schools

K-12 district schools have been a soft target for cybercriminals in the year gone by. To address the rising threat prospective, two U.S. Senators,...

How to Recover from a Data Breach With ID Assist

By ID Assist As businesses continue to welcome digital transformation with open arms, the challenges they face are increasing. Electronic data is being widely used...

Microsoft Rolls Out the Red Carpet for CCPA in U.S.

In an age where data traffic volumes are higher than the road traffic, the lack of a comprehensive privacy law has long been a...

Failure in HIPAA Compliance Costs URMC $3 million fine

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s (URMCs) ignorance towards HIPAA compliance has costed them a $3 million fine. Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at...

Jackson Health’s HIPAA Violation Costs US$ 2.15 million fine

In what seems to be one of the biggest HIPAA fines imposed by OCR for the current year – Jackson Health Systems, Florida was...