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‘Rushing into Digital Transformation Creates Security Challenges’

Trend Micro opened a new office in Mumbai last month. Located in Bandra Kurla Complex, the 6,879 sq. ft. office space has a Center...

Think Beyond Holiday Hacks: Putting DevSecOps Into Practice

Every year, during the holiday season, we see major attacks on organizations or critical infrastructure. In Dec. 2020, it was ransomware attacks on health...

“DevOps Engineers are Constantly Being Hunted by Cybercriminals”

Remote work and distributed environments have disrupted long established security models and workflows. Security architects had to re-adapt, re-architect, and rebuild security for remote...

Continuous Development of Cloud-Native Apps Makes Organizations Vulnerable

Businesses have had to relook their strategies and navigate the new normal at a pace unimagined. If one thing has been the centerpiece of...

A CEO’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Agile methodologies and cloud-based services and models have become popular, and in accordance with this change, the c-suite has restructured processes within their organizations....

What are the Opportunities for Software Developers in Cybersecurity?

In the first article in this brand-new series, titled, Career Changers, CISO MAG reached out to software developers and DevSecOps specialists. For this article,...

‘DevSecOps’ Mitigates Cybersecurity Risk from Digital Transformation

Achieving customer value with any digital transformation initiative requires an organizational and cultural shift across the enterprise to align people’s efforts with customer priorities....

Take a Unified Approach to Secure Your Software

Your software defines your business. It’s what sets you apart, but it’s also what can bring your organization down if it’s not secure. There’s...

3 Signs That Your Company Has A Security First Mindset

As organizations consider moving to the cloud or architecting their applications in the cloud, security is top of mind. In the June 2020 cloud...

5 Threat Predictions for 2020: Are You Prepared?

With 2019’s headlines of ransomware, malware, and RDP attacks almost behind us, we shift our focus to the cybercrime threats ahead in 2020. Cybercriminals...