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Attackers Exploit Cloud Services to Deploy Nanocore, Netwire, and AsyncRAT

Since digitalization began, there has been a significant increase in organizations turning to cloud computing. Most companies leverage multiple cloud environments to host their...

TNT’s Cryptomining Worm Built to Steal AWS Credentials

It is not just a double whammy! The researchers at cybersecurity firm, Cado Security, say the functionality of TNT’s cryptomining worm steals AWS credentials,...

8Belts Exposes PII of e-learners in a Data Breach: Report

Researchers from cybersecurity firm vpnMentor discovered a data breach related to a popular Spanish e-Learning platform 8Belts, exposing personal data of over 100,000s of...

Normalcy Retained at AWS Sydney Post API Errors and Latencies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Sydney faced a sudden increase in API errors and corresponding latencies. These affected seven dependent services of AWS including...

Protected Private Information of British Citizens Exposed Online

As per Wired, an unprotected AWS (Amazon Webservices) S3 database containing personal and private information of British citizens was discovered by security researchers Noam...