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Jason Lee

“I am looking for people who are multipliers and who help everyone else get...

Hiring security professionals has taken a new turn today, compared to the pre-pandemic era. The IT organization is reassessing its workforce and making certain...
Career Changers, software developers in cybersecurity

What are the Opportunities for Software Developers in Cybersecurity?

In the first article in this brand-new series, titled, Career Changers, CISO MAG reached out to software developers and DevSecOps specialists. For this article,...
Security and Compliance in Cloud

Birlasoft and Regulativ.ai Co-Develop AI-Led Cyber-Regulatory Reporting Platform

The rapid pace of Digital Transformation has unleashed a high volume of cyberthreats. This is making cybersecurity and compliance a top priority for CXOs...
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

“We want to bring together incident response and security teams from every country”

The security community strives to mitigate zero-day attacks. Timely vulnerability disclosure and incident response/handling is the way to do this. But that depends on...
Supply Chain vulnerabilities

Episode #11: Supply Chain Attacks and Vulnerability Disclosures

In the past year, we have seen accelerated adoption of digital platforms and technologies. For instance, more businesses and individuals are turning to e-commerce...

“Until now, technology gave you no protection and confidentiality when you shared your data”

There is a critical business challenge when it comes to sharing data between entities, such that any one person or firm should not see...
X-Force research

“Attacks on manufacturing and the supply chain increased during the pandemic”

According to the IBM Security 2021 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, in 2020 threat actors sought to profit from the unprecedented socioeconomic, business, and political...
Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security: Protecting Businesses and Remote Workforce in the New Reality

Market research institutions and analysts have been predicting the rise of endpoints for years. Analysts project the rise of IoT devices due to 5G...
security leaders, CISO communication strategies

“Security leaders must communicate consistently and with transparency to build trust”

In turbulent times organizations need to focus on business priorities and restructure processes and teams. How should security leaders set their priorities and how...

“Application Security is not a process”

Application security is a complex topic, which software developers and even security professionals are trying to understand today. There was a need for a...