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Harness Your System, Free Decryptor, federal government, cybersecurity

Harness Your System, No More a ‘Whack-a–Mole’

Every day there are multiple reports from government, state municipalities, and corporates about their being hacked, held for ransomware or becoming victims of denial...

Log4j Explained: How It Is Exploited and How to Fix It

Log4j or Log4Shell, a critical vulnerability in the widely used Apache Log4j Library, has raised alarms and security concerns across the tech and info...
design and compliance

“More States Move to Comprehensive State Laws Like the CCPA to Enhance Security Practices”

As 2022 peeks from the corner, there is anticipation that the year will, maybe, witness better security management to address the continued sophistication of...

Did Snatch Ransomware Snitch Volvo Cars’ R&D Data?

As news of ransomware attacks continue to grow, Volvo Cars is another name that has found a place on the victim list. By Minu Sirsalewala,...
Gregg Ostrowski, Regional CTO at Cisco AppDynamics, application security

“Security is a Priority for Total Application Experience”

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 saw an unimaginable shift to the digital world, where millions dived into cyberspace both as users and...
Eric Brinkman, Chief Product Officer at Cobalt

“PtaaS Offers a Faster and More Thorough Process of Vulnerability Discovery”

Not too long ago, in August 2021, Conti operators successfully targeted SAC Wireless, a U.S.-based Nokia Subsidiary, with a ransomware attack. After an internal...
Black Friday

How to Stay Digitally Safe This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The onset of the festive season drives the retail market into a frenzy. After two years of being home-ridden and extra cautious due to...

Continuous Development of Cloud-Native Apps Makes Organizations Vulnerable

Businesses have had to relook their strategies and navigate the new normal at a pace unimagined. If one thing has been the centerpiece of...

“#BeingCyberSmart means picking the right battles and reducing the risks in the probable vectors”

October, being the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, sees a flurry of initiatives across organizations to create awareness among employees for #BeingCyberSmart. The CISA and...
cybersecurity, password, password management,

This Device Simplifies Password Management and Protects User Credentials

With a mission to provide cybersecurity to individuals to safeguard themselves from threat actors, a Pune-based (Maharashtra, India) cybersecurity enthusiast came up with a...