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1st Annual Cybersecurity Startup Expo 2024

November 13, 2024
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Introducing a brand-new cybersecurity event in Sweden, the 1st Annual Cybersecurity Startup Expo. The main goal for the event is to promote cybersecurity startups and new emerging cybersecurity enterprises. The Expo is open for both Nordic and international cybersecurity startups.

The mission is to ensure that every cybersecurity startup irrespective of geographical location receives a fair chance to showcase their capabilities while at the same time having access to the right key stakeholders to support them with their needs. The event will explore ways in which startups could receive the highly needed support from the moment a viable product or service is conceived to when the product or service is ready to launch.

30+ Cybersecurity startups are invited to present their solutions to the whole audience. In addition, each and every startup will be guaranteed a space in the exhibition area. The event will also be braced with keynote presentations from both potential investors and business incubators. A few global cybersecurity service providers will be given a chance to showcase their thought leadership in the cybersecurity field at the event.

Join us to network with like-minded peers, startups, global cybersecurity brands and hopefully you can gain insights from the latest solutions showcased at the event.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in this inaugural Cybersecurity Startup Expo scheduled on the 13th of November 2024 at 7A Odenplan in Stockholm. The event ends with an exclusive cocktail reception for all those in attendance.