Skills CISOs Need to Have in 2021

By CISO MAG March 26, 2021

Is security certification enough to be an effective CISO?


I find companies today are increasingly looking for their next generation of information security managers to be certified CISO.

What are the core technical skills in demand this year?


Although technical skills have been overwhelmingly emphasized, there is also a need to develop soft critical skills such as communication, reporting, and cost-benefit analysis.

Why are communication skills so important?


Zero Trust Architecture skills – being able to architect, deploy, and operate a Zero Trust network. Application Security – especially for firms selling products and services to enterprises.

What are the top three skills that CISOs need to have in 2021?


Security for the sake of security is a failure on the part of a CISO — collaborative security and functional operability are where everyone is successful.

As a CISO, what are the top skills you would be looking for when you recruit people?


Soft skills such as understanding of privacy, security awareness, and training, knowledge of governance, security communications, or cyber law and ethics.

What are the security skills that will be in demand this year?


Cloud security skills and understanding the roles of the service vendor, the cloud provider, and the end customer will be a critical need for many companies this year.

As you interact with security leaders, what are the security skills they look for when hiring staff?


Long term, we need colleges and universities to focus on educating and graduating new security talent to help fill the void for small and large companies.