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How Tesla has always vouched for safe and secure cars

By Augustin Kurian Until the late 2000s, electric cars had a reputation for being ugly and slow. This was until a small Silicon Valley startup...

Google Calendar Possibly Revealing Users’ Data: Researcher

Security researchers have issued a warning over how attackers are exploiting Google’s Calendar feature to target users with a credential-stealing attack. Avinash Jain, a security...

Microsoft owned GitHub acquires Semmle

Microsoft-owned GitHub recently announced that it has acquired code analysis provider Semmle in an undisclosed amount. Based in San Francisco, Semmle develops an engineering...

Google Discovers ‘built-in security key’ Flaw in Chromebook 2FA

Search engine giant Google is asking Chromebook users to update their devices after discovering a critical vulnerability in its two-factor authentication procedures. The vulnerability,...

Ransomware Attack Affects 300,000 Patients in Utah

Protected Health Information of more than 300,000 patients of the physician group named Premier Family Medical at Utah was compromised in a recent ransomware...

‘Get’ App Data Breach affects 50,000 University Students in Australia

Around 50,000 students in Australia who are using Get, an events-scheduling application, may have had their private data exposed online. It’s said the potential...

Cybersecurity has now become a board room imperative

Cybersecurity has now become a concern for the board room and the rest of the hierarchy. According to new research by Infosys Knowledge Institute...

5 Best Practices to Strengthen Email Security in your Organization

By Rudra Srinivas Most companies rely on e-mail correspondence as a primary means of communication even when it comes to sharing classified information like customer...

Cybersecurity firm Imperva hacked

This one is as close to stealing a cop car from a police station. Cybersecurity firm, Imperva, which has often been on the forefront...

Data Breach affects 14 million Hostinger Customers

Hostinger stated that it has changed the login credentials of 14 million of its customers who were affected in the recent security breach. The...