Special Issue on Network Security (Powerlist)

With a growing readership comprising of over 50,000 senior cybersecurity leaders and influencers from across the globe, CISO MAG is proud to bring back the Power List—a publication that gives cybersecurity companies who have over the years been at the forefront of innovation and versatility, a podium for exposure. Like our previous editions of the Power List, CISO MAG will again give an opportunity to innovative brands to share the stage with the giants in the realm of information security sector to make a mark for themselves and become the very best companies to be tracked in the future.

The first Power List issue of the year will address one of the biggest areas of concern in cybersecurity—Network Security.

From the Sony hack to tampering with the last U.S. Democratic elections, the world remained a witness to the havoc that can be wreaked by unsecured networks. These instances testified the fact that the fabric of the world can be distorted by cyberattacks and it is now of paramount importance that the networks stay secure. The Power List will focus on the global trends in Network Security and the disruptors in the space.

If this isn’t enough, we also bring you our exclusive Network security survey in this special issue. The survey will garner responses from the leaders in the cybersecurity space on making crucial decisions like choosing the network security provider, deployment of virtualized firewalls, migration toward the cloud, among several other things. The survey will also identify gaps in Network Security which needs to be addressed in global markets.

These are just an overview of what to expect from the first Power List of 2020. We also take this opportunity to call upon revolutionary Network Security companies to share their stories with us so that they can be the legends of tomorrow. We are all ears!

Reach out to CISO MAG at [email protected] to nominate yourself to be a part of Power List.

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