CISO MAG Market Trends Report (Data Security)

Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in the cybersecurity quotient of its IT infrastructure to protect their critical assets. Arguably, over the past decade, with the unprecedented shift towards digitization and cloud technologies, data in any form, is now considered more valuable than ever before. In fact, several reports also indicate that personal data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset. Even on the dark web forums, the demand and price of PII and financial have continued to surge for the last couple of years standing now at close to $1200, and is probably only going to increase.

Both big data and small data are continuing to grow with their evaluation. With security trends being so fragile and sensitive it is important that the world needs reliable information and accurate forecasts for a better understanding of the current and future data security market scenarios. For this, CISO MAG is launching its “CISO MAG Market Trends Report (Data Security)”.

CISO MAG Market Trends Report (Data Security) will offer an in-depth analysis of the global market trends in Data Security along with qualitative and quantitative analysis, history, and estimated projections about the market size and share during the forecast period.

This special issue of CISO MAG will also bring to the fore viewpoints of industry experts and their perspective from across the table. Partners of the survey will also have the chance to understand and meet the demands of its niche audience.

CISO MAG Market Trends Report aims to become the most important depository of the information for every cybersecurity market landscape.

Moving forward, CISO MAG Market Trends Report will focus on several other verticals of information security like Endpoint Security, Cloud Security, and Network Security among several others.

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