Fleeceware Apps


April 1, 2021


“Fleeceware” is a term introduced by SophosLabs in September 2019. It has been named fleeceware due to its defining characteristic of overcharging users for functionality that is widely available in free or low-cost apps. Though these apps do not cause harm to the victims’ devices or data, they trick users into a free trial and later overcharge them through subscriptions and simply perform fleeceware scams.

How Fleeceware Apps work

– Fleeceware apps lure consumers with a promise of a free three-day trial. – The apps attach a subscription fee that commences at the end of the trial. – Once the trial is over, the user is charged a recurring high subscription fee, which eventually goes to malicious app developers.

Fleeceware App Prevention

– Be careful with free trials of less than a week – Read the fine print – Be skeptical of viral advertisements – Shop around – Secure your payments – Discuss the dangers of fleeceware with your family

What to do if you fall victim to fleeceware apps?

–Open play/app store. –Select the subscriptions option from the menu – Select the subscription that you want to cancel –Cancel subscription