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UK Fortunate to Avoid a C1 Cyber Attack: NCSC Chief

In an interview with The Guardian, UK’s National Cyber Security Centre Chief, Ciaran Martin agreed that the country has been fortunate, not to have...
United Kingdom

Russia meddled with UK’s telecom systems, confirms NCSC chief

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) chief Ciaran Martin confirmed that Russian hackers targeted the country's telecommunications systems, media, and energy networks...

Organized cyber crime originates from Eastern Europe, says NCSC CEO

Britain’s cybersecurity agency National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) CEO Ciaran Martin on October 21, 2017 revealed that Northern Ireland infrastructure has been hit by...
data breaches, Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

More than 1,000 attacks reported to NCSC in 12 months, report says

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of the United Kingdom’s intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters, recently revealed in an annual study that more...
Cybercriminal Group Names

Smart or Stupid? Cybercriminal Group Names Decoded!

It’s known that cybercriminals always try to advance their hacking skills and change attack strategies to evade security deductions. Apart from hiding their identity,...
Quantum Cryptography

Preparing for the Quantum Threat: The Road Ahead to Quantum-secure Cryptography

With the rapid advancement of quantum computers, the threat they pose to encryption is no longer a question of if, but when. The NSA...
Coinbase, QNAP Devices

QNAP Warns About New Bitcoin Miner Targeting NAS Devices

Hardware vendor QNAP released a security advisory warning its users about a new cryptomining malware targeting its network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The Taiwan-based company...

NHS U.K. Warns About Fake Omicron PCR Test Alerts

Just when the world is trying to come to terms with the challenges unleashed by the COVID-19 virus, we have another variant, Omicron.  Threat...
WhisperGate malware campaign, FluBot malware

Finland Warns About ‘Flubot’ Malware Spread Via SMS

FluBot – an infamous banking malware that affected thousands of users across Australia and the U.K. – is now active in Finland. In an official...
e-skimming attacks , Chinese e-commerce scammers

E-Skimmers Prey on Online Shoppers Amid Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While online shoppers are excited to grab the lightning deals, opportunistic cybercriminals are preying on exploits to compromise websites and steal data. The U.K....