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vulnerability in IoT devices

Millions of IoT Devices Using ‘ThroughTek Kalay Network’ Vulnerable to Eavesdropping

The rising security breaches and vulnerability exploits on the Internet of Things (IoT) indicate that connected devices are never 100% secure. Security researchers from...
KCodes NetUSB, FragAttacks on Wi-Fi connected devices

How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi router has become the most important gadget in every household as most employees are currently working from home. Remote workers require endpoint...
PSTI IoT Bill, Common IoT Attacks

3 Common IoT Attacks that Compromise Security

The explosion of IoT technologies incited users and organizations to swiftly adopt IoT devices to enhance process control and boost productivity. The rise of...
Data Privacy Week 2022

What the Cybersecurity Leaders Are Saying About Data Privacy

Security intrusions and data breaches continue to be severe concerns for organizations and users’ data privacy. Despite constant cybersecurity awareness campaigns, several people still...
DNS attacks

What is DNS Tunneling and How is it Prevented?

Hacker intrusions on organizations’ Domain Name Systems (DNS) have become prevalent in recent times. According to the 2021 Global DNS Threat Report from network security automation...

Log4j Explained: How It Is Exploited and How to Fix It

Log4j or Log4Shell, a critical vulnerability in the widely used Apache Log4j Library, has raised alarms and security concerns across the tech and info...
password spraying attacks, credential stuffing attacks

How to Prevent Password Spraying Attacks

Weak or easy-to-guess passwords are potential threats to corporate networks. Poor password habits could make the entire organization’s security vulnerable to unauthorized intrusions. Threat...

4 Types of Insiders You Need to Know

Despite several employee awareness programs and cybersecurity best practices, most organizations face insider threats that affect the overall security posture. Threat actors continue to...
BotenaGo, malware over encrypted connections

BotenaGo – A New Malware Targeting Millions of IoT Devices

Cybersecurity researchers at AT&T Labs uncovered a new malware variant targeting routers and IoT devices. Tracked as BotenaGo, the malware is leveraging over 30...

How to Uproot Rootkit Threats

Threat actors leverage Trojans, malware, and ransomware to break into victims’ systems and cause maximum damage. We explain a different kind of malware threat...