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Kaseya supply chain attacks

Discussing the Impact of the Kaseya Supply Chain Attacks

According to a GEP Research Report, the total cost of supply chain disruptions in 2020 was $4tn. While these disruptions were caused due to...
Proactive Cybersecurity Paradigm, cyberwar, IoT, 5G, Boardroom, Identity Detection and Response, Predictions, supply chains, hybrid workforce

Adopt Modern Tools and Technologies to Protect Supply Chains and the Hybrid Workforce

In security, you always need to be thinking ahead about what might come down the pipeline. As we wrapped up the year 2021, I...

Log4j Explained: How It Is Exploited and How to Fix It

Log4j or Log4Shell, a critical vulnerability in the widely used Apache Log4j Library, has raised alarms and security concerns across the tech and info...
supply chain attacks

Organizations Losing Trust in Security Vendors Amid Rising Cyberattacks

Organizations that use services of mainstream software providers continue to face trust issues amid the increase in supply chain and ransomware attacks, a recent...
Cybercrime, internet crime

Internet Crime and Technology: Where Are We Headed?

Cybercrimes have been constantly evolving and extending across national boundaries in the 21st century. Their complexity, along with the ability of threat actors to...
C-SCRM Program

Episode #18: Building a C-SCRM Program

This year organizations and their customers were impacted by supply chain attacks such as SolarWinds and Kaseya. Then we heard about Lazarus, a notorious...
Eric Brinkman, Chief Product Officer at Cobalt

“PtaaS Offers a Faster and More Thorough Process of Vulnerability Discovery”

Not too long ago, in August 2021, Conti operators successfully targeted SAC Wireless, a U.S.-based Nokia Subsidiary, with a ransomware attack. After an internal...
supply chain attacks

3 Steps Businesses Can Take to Protect Themselves From Software Supply Chain Attacks

In August, the White House hosted a meeting with some of the most powerful CEOs in the world; from Apple to JPMorgan. The topic...
Shipping and Logistic companies

Login Credentials of Shipping and Logistics Firms Being Traded on Dark Web

Cybercriminals have extended their cyberattack targets ranging from supply chains to critical infrastructures. While some threat actors try to penetrate vital network systems and...
Threat predictions 2022, Forrester 2022 predictions for Cybersecurity, Risk, and Privacy

Forrester Report Predicts 1 in 10 Experienced Security Professionals Will Exit Industry in 2022

Forrester has released its Predictions 2022: Cybersecurity, Risk, and Privacy report revealing an important aspect of security professionals quitting their jobs. The report claims...