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NCSC Releases Action Plan to Help Enterprises Deploy BYODs Securely

The increase in remote workforce encouraged several organizations across the globe to embrace the Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) concept. However, using personal devices...
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How Surge in Remote Work Led to Rise of BYODs and Security Risks

The sudden surge in remote work due to the pandemic has encouraged organizations globally to embrace Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) in the workplace....

Surge in Remote Work Drives BYOD; Security Remains Primary Concern

A latest survey from cloud security firm Bitglass revealed that the surge in remote work has encouraged businesses globally to embrace BYODs (Bring Your...

How Illicit Cryptomining Works, And How to Prevent It

Whether it’s a surge in value or a decline, cryptocurrencies always make headlines. In addition to price fluctuations, various crypto-related issues such as cryptomining,...

Cryptojacking Attacks Rise As Hackers Try to Exploit Linux-based Machines

Researchers at Bitdefender Security recently discovered a Romanian-based threat intelligence group hacking Linux machines and targeting systems with weak Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) credentials. The...
DevOps Security

“DevOps Engineers are Constantly Being Hunted by Cybercriminals”

Remote work and distributed environments have disrupted long established security models and workflows. Security architects had to re-adapt, re-architect, and rebuild security for remote...
Cloud Security

Cloud is Booming and It Is Going to Get Better in 2025 and Beyond

COVID-19 era has brought a major revolution in the IT domain where cloud services are expected to be the backbone of almost all organizations...
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This Device Simplifies Password Management and Protects User Credentials

With a mission to provide cybersecurity to individuals to safeguard themselves from threat actors, a Pune-based (Maharashtra, India) cybersecurity enthusiast came up with a...
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How to Ensure Data Management Excellence

In response to high-profile data breaches, staggering fines, and rapidly evolving privacy and data requirements, CIOs and CISOs are facing a critical mandate: to...
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While Employees Work Remotely, Attackers Target Their IoT Devices Left in Office

While the pandemic forced employees to work from home, most of their IoT devices were left behind connected to the corporate networks. Unpatched flaws...